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Héctor Cavallaro (Caracas, Venezuela). Lives and works in Paris.

Currently works as a PhD researcher/composer in Musicology for the École Doctorale Esthétique, Sciences et Technologies des Arts (Lab. MUSIDANSE) at the Université Paris 8. His academic work deals with aesthetics and philosophy of music subjects, focusing mainly in non-teleological, i.e., non-linear music of the XX century.

As a composer, his music has been premiered in contemporary music festivals in Venezuela, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, France and the UK.

Having attended Emil Friedman’s music school in Caracas, Venezuela, he later studied Musical Composition at the Ars Nova School of Music as well as Orchestral Conducting at the Universidad Central de Venezuela. He holds a degree of Musicology (Master 1 & 2) from the Université Paris 8 Saint-Denis. He has attended internationally recognized Contemporary Composition and Conducting workshops in Argentina, Spain and France. In parallel of his music formation, he studied photography at RMTF in Caracas, participating in several exhibitions and publications.